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Piano Policies

At Melody Makers Piano Studio, I am committed to providing a positive and supportive learning environment for all of my students. My piano policies are designed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone. From scheduling and attendance, to practice expectations and recitals, I have carefully crafted these guidelines to promote progress and foster a love for music.

This is a summary of my studio policies. Full policies will be provided with your student packet when you sign up. Parents will be expected to sign the policies to show their agreement.

Join me on this musical adventure and let me help you unlock your true potential on the piano!

Teaching Philosophy

I hope to instill a lifelong love of music within each student. Each student is unique, so I try to develop an approach that works best with each student’s learning style. It is my goal that each student will become a skilled musician able to use his/her talents in worship, and to give pleasure to both themselves and those around them.


I teach the Simply Music method and use their curriculum. For details on this fantastic program, go to simplymusicpiano.com. In addition, I use several different supplemental materials. Lessons will include aspects of ear training, theory, musicality, and expression. Students are expected to be prepared and bring with them to class their 3-ring binders with all music books and assignment books needed for the lesson. 

Students will be required to purchase new materials as they move through the Simply Music program. You will be notified at least 2 weeks in advance of any new material requirements.

Class Conduct

Students are required to remain in the classroom for the entire class period and to participate in all class activities, which will include playing, counting, clapping, singing, etc. Students are expected to come to class with neat, clean attire, hands washed, and nails trimmed.


Daily practice is vital to the musical growth of the student. Students are expected to practice 4-5 days a week. Level 1 students will need 10-15 minutes of practice time per day. Level 2 will need at least 15 – 20 min. per day. Levels 3 will need 20-30 min per day. Levels 4 and beyond will need 30+ min per day.

The actual learning takes place at home as the students are working on the concepts presented in class. Every song contains musical building blocks, or foundation concepts for later pieces, so keeping the entire playlist alive is vital to success in Simply Music.

Parents of children younger than 16 should plan on overseeing their child’s practice time.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons are very valuable for the students because it gives us a chance to work deeper on theory, such as learning about intervals, chords, scales, finger numbers, use observatory learning, practice recital etiquette and more!


Tuition is based on the academic school year and divided into 10 months. Tuition is due at the first piano lesson of each month and stays the same from month to month. This helps me have a consistent income and makes bookkeeping simpler for everyone.

Each semester includes about 16 weeks during the school year (August – May).


Tuition secures a spot in a specific class, on a specific day. That time slot has been reserved and a lesson prepared specifically for you/your student. Therefore, if you fail to attend a class, you still pay for that time.


If the teacher cancels a class, the teacher may choose to either credit your account, or offer a make-up class. Please be sure to provide a valid phone number and e-mail address to contact you.


While parent participation in class is optional, parental involvement in the student’s learning is not. I prefer parents to stay and sit in on the lesson as much as possible. In this way, you too will understand the concepts being taught and be able to more fully assist your child at home. Please feel free to bring quiet toys/books for younger siblings during class time.


Texting is my primary means of communicating short messages with you between classes. If I have a longer message, I will email it.


At various times throughout the year, performance opportunities may be scheduled. Performance days will be counted as the regular lesson for that week. These opportunities may include recitals, playing at the nursing home, or group lessons. Learning to share music with others is an important skill for each student to learn and it is expected that each student will participate.


Students need a piano or a keyboard with a minimum of 61 regular-sized keys to start Level 1 Piano Class. Please be sure that you have a sustain pedal or that you can add one later (a sustain ‘button’ is not the same thing). It is also beneficial to have a keyboard with weighted keys, so that they will feel that same as a real piano. A full size piano/keyboard (88 keys) will be required by Level 4.

Revised August 2023

Steve, parent

Brianna Smith has been a great teacher for our 12 year-old daughter. She has been both an encouragement and inspiration for her to learn not only the basics of the piano, but to have fun with it....As a parent, I appreciate Brianna's flexibility with her practice schedule. Life seems to always happen and we often needed to reschedule. Brianna was always willing to work with us.

Kailah, student

I have only been taking Simply Music for about a year and a half and have already accomplished so much. I have had other piano teachers, but nothing like Brianna. Brianna is a wonderful teacher. She is very helpful, patient, and definitely knows her piano. I'm SO glad to have her as my teacher.

Jack, student

Brianna is a wonderful teacher! Her technique for teaching piano is easy to follow and very helpful. She is easy to talk to, she listens well, and she is flexible. She's the best music teacher I've had!

Adam & Heidi, parents

Brianna Smith teaches piano with a kind, calm, professional, patient, and organized demeanor. With this perfect recipe, she has created piano loving students out of our two boys -- with our third little guy chomping at the bit to age into piano lessons as well! The Simply Music curriculum allows them to get right into the making of music without having to learn the notes first. We love the sound of music in our home, and Ms. Smith's philosophy of the 'value of music for emotional well being' is spot on.

Linda, grandparent

Brianna is a wonderful teacher for our granddaughter...it's amazing how much she's taught her in just a few months...and the best part is that Ariana enjoys her lessons with Brianna and will practice! I highly recommend her and the Simply Music method.


Brianna is an excellent teacher with a patient, laid-back style. My daughter has become an accomplished pianist during her years under Brianna's teaching. I especially appreciate that she is willing and able to address her student's interests, talents, and goals rather than adhering strictly to a rigid 'formula' in her teaching.