Melody Makers Piano Studio | Playing-based Piano Lessons in Chattanooga, TN

Making the piano your new best friend.

Learn a variety of different genres, and start playing beautiful music from your very first lessons using a playing-based approach.

“All human beings, without exception,

are deeply, naturally and profoundly musical.”

— Neil Moore, Founder of Simply Music

Playing-based Method

A breakthrough program that looks at music in a new light. Learn blues, contemporary, accompaniment, and classical pieces from the very first lessons.

Private Sessions

Students will start out with 30 minute lessons once a week. Afternoon lessons are held at Cadek Conservatory of Music. Morning lessons are held at Concord Baptist Church.

Fun Approach

I believe that playing the piano should be fun, first and foremost. Music is a gift that should be shared with others out of a love of playing, not just a drive for perfect performance.

About Me

I have taught for almost 15 years and I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Music from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Music has been a part of my life since I was young; it is a joy to be able to teach it everyday.

It is my goal that each student will become a life-long lover of music. I believe that playing piano should be a joyful experience that can be a part of your daily life, rather than a tedious and often tearful drill for performance.

Piano Lessons

A playing-based method starts on the opposite side of the spectrum from traditional lessons. Rather than a complicated system of rhythm, clefs, tempo, and keys, Simply Music starts with a more natural approach — just like learning to speak before you learn to read and spell.

Learn how to make the piano your new best friend today!