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About Me

Born and raised in Chattanooga, TN, I have been involved with music my whole life. Over the years, my musical experiences have included Kindermusik, choir, hand bells, band (flute & clarinet), and of course, piano lessons. I now have an Associate’s Degree of Fine Arts from Chattanooga State Community College and a Bachelor’s Degree of Music from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

During my senior year of high school, I discovered Simply Music Inc., and was intrigued. I had taken traditional lessons for several years, but fell in love with the Simply Music program and started teacher training with them after high school.

Simply Music begins on the opposite side of the spectrum from traditional lessons. Traditional lessons are made up of a complicated system of high notes and low notes, black notes and white notes, sharps and flats, quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, sixteenth notes, dynamics, pitch, and rhythm. Instead, Simply Music is a playing-based approach – we start with improvisation, copying, and memorizing. Thus, we play beautiful music right from your very first lessons!

With Simply Music, students learn a variety of styles, including blues, jazz, classical, gospel, and more. Check out simplymusic.com to learn more about this amazing piano method.

My Mission

I enjoy using my talent to play piano for friends and family, as well as at church. I want playing the piano to be a joyful experience, rather than a tedious and often tearful drill for performance.

I believe that God is the Creator of all things, including music, and it should therefore be used to praise and glorify Him. It is my goal that each student will become a skilled musician who is able to use his/her talents and abilities to worship the Lord, and to give pleasure to both themselves and those around them.

Steve, parent

Brianna Smith has been a great teacher for our 12 year-old daughter. She has been both an encouragement and inspiration for her to learn not only the basics of the piano, but to have fun with it....As a parent, I appreciate Brianna's flexibility with her practice schedule. Life seems to always happen and we often needed to reschedule. Brianna was always willing to work with us.

Kailah, student

I have only been taking Simply Music for about a year and a half and have already accomplished so much. I have had other piano teachers, but nothing like Brianna. Brianna is a wonderful teacher. She is very helpful, patient, and definitely knows her piano. I'm SO glad to have her as my teacher.

Jack, student

Brianna is a wonderful teacher! Her technique for teaching piano is easy to follow and very helpful. She is easy to talk to, she listens well, and she is flexible. She's the best music teacher I've had!

Adam & Heidi, parents

Brianna Smith teaches piano with a kind, calm, professional, patient, and organized demeanor. With this perfect recipe, she has created piano loving students out of our two boys -- with our third little guy chomping at the bit to age into piano lessons as well! The Simply Music curriculum allows them to get right into the making of music without having to learn the notes first. We love the sound of music in our home, and Ms. Smith's philosophy of the 'value of music for emotional well being' is spot on.

Linda, grandparent

Brianna is a wonderful teacher for our granddaughter...it's amazing how much she's taught her in just a few months...and the best part is that Ariana enjoys her lessons with Brianna and will practice! I highly recommend her and the Simply Music method.


Brianna is an excellent teacher with a patient, laid-back style. My daughter has become an accomplished pianist during her years under Brianna's teaching. I especially appreciate that she is willing and able to address her student's interests, talents, and goals rather than adhering strictly to a rigid 'formula' in her teaching.